у нас что,новое разводилово активно продвигается???

сегодня получила письмо следующего содержания:
Dayzers Nederland:
Paleisstraat 5, 2514 JA - Den Haag;
The Netherlands:

Dear beneficiary,
Following the official publication of results of the e-mail electronic online Sweepstakes organized by The Netherlands Staatsloterij Corporation held on Monday, the 14th of May, 2007 in The Hague - Holland, wherein your electronic e-mail address emerged as one of the fifty online winning emails in the 1st category, out of a total of 500,000 e-mail addresses that were entered for the E-mail Lottery Ballot and has therefore attracted a cash award of One Million Euro only. This is from a total cash prize of Fifty Million Euro only, shared amongst the fifty winners in this category. Your electronic e-mail address attached to our Lottery payment order, has the following details: (I) Ticket Number: DZRS/STLOTT/837-3845/2007: (ii) Lucky Numbers: 07, 25, 31, 49, 54, 66, 72: (iii) Batch Number: 11/621/2PDH /DZRS/NL/07: (iv) File Reference Number: DZRS/82283922/2007:. No tickets were sold.
We write to officially notify you of this award and advise you to contact our Claims Department immediately on receipt of this message for more information concerning your identity verification, processing and eventual payment of the above prize to you.
For your identity verification, please contact our Claims Department:
Tel;             +31 64 191 2354        ; e-mail: dzrsned2007claim@aim.com; Contact Person : Dr. Jerome Coles - while quoting: (i). Your full name(s) and Nationality; (ii). Batch Number and (iii). Reference Number:
The payment authority of your prize - One Million Euro only - already paid and insured in your name with our Paying bank will be issued to effect immediate/swift transfer in the mode you will prefer and nominate, upon satisfactory report on your identity verification and validation recommendation by our Claims Department. E-mail addresses registered with false names are not eligible to claiming this prize.
The Staatsloterij Award is sponsored by a consortium of software promotion companies i.e. The Intel Group, Toshiba, Dell Computers and Microsoft Corporation to encourage the use of the internet and promote computer literacy worldwide. We are proud to say that over 200 Million Euro are won annually in more than 150 countries worldwide, as a result of our promotional programmes.
All winnings must be claimed not later than 05th of June, 2007. After this date, all unclaimed funds will be withdrawn and remember to quote your reference and batch numbers in all correspondences.

Once again on behalf of all our staff, Congratulations.
Yours faithfully,
Mrs. Nielson van Eribo
Lottery Coordinator
Sweepstakes International Lottery Promotion Program.

тут написано что на интернетовской лотерее мой ящик выиграл лимон евро и его нужно забрать к 5 июня.это уже второе письмо за последние две недели ;) что за разводилово и в чем заключается фишка рассылки???
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